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People Counting 

  • Automatically count people moving in and out of an area in real-time.

  • Automatically count people in an area and graph this data over time with other correlating data points, like weather.

  • Combine people counting numbers with recorded or live CCTV video to provide a visual reference for further understanding and record.

  • Understand how many people are using a public or private space over time.

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Road Traffic Monitoring

  • Understand how vehicles are using a roadway with a simple graphical representations over time.
  • Understand what the average vehicle speeds are, understand how many, and at what times vehicles are speeding.
  • Combine with CCTV footage to get more detail and insights like, vehicle licence plates. Correlate this data to understand problems and to initiate solutions.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Monitor key infrastructure 24/7 using a combination of CCTV video and other related data points on location. Compare correlating data from 3rd party feed, like weather.

  • Control CCTV cameras from the monitoring screen and start recording HD vision with the push of a button.

  • Setup alarms & alerts based on data thresholds.

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Operations Map Dashboards

  • Get instant operational awareness. This is a solution to assist in managing a geographical area that consists of multiple locations and data points.

  • Combine CCTV & live data with 3rd party data like weather onto one single dashboard so managers can get instant overall operational awareness.

  • Drill down into points of interest to reveal more detail of data, watch live or recorded vision and analyse comparable related data.

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Waterway Traffic Monitoring

  • Understand how watercraft are using a waterway through analysis of CCTV footage.
  • Understand craft speeds and investigate issues.
  • Capture registration numbers and manage problem events using an evidence locker.
  • Waterway useage reports with vessel counting and graphical representations of the data and related CCTV imagery.

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Weather Monitoring

  • Understand local and national weather data and how it relates to your local environmental projects.
  • Cross-correlate local data like local weather stations against the national BOM database.

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