Coastal Monitoring

We have been pioneers in the development of smart coastal monitoring applications and work with leading organisations in coastal management. The Envirocoms EDMS can assist with storing complex and dynamic data and provide an interface for open source data.

A specifically developed a turnkey solution

  • Shoreline position analysis and tracking
  • Surf and Wave Analytics such as wave face height and surf zone wave period
  • Surf management
  • People and surfer counts

Monitor Flora & Fauna

The Envirocoms EDMS allows you to store and manage data for species. You can easily manage data collected in order to estimate population size and trends of various species of flora and fauna.

Pioneered solutions for flora & fauna monitoring

  • Streamline data to multiple platforms
  • Build unique systems for specialised research
  • Fuse multiple data sets to help answer complex questions

Have you seen the Penguin cam?

Download the free Penguin Parade app for iOS and Android to find out more about Phillip Island’s little penguins, (including live stats to your phone as the penguins cross a research weigh bridge.)

Waterways Monitoring

The Envirocoms EDMS can process and store your data from your in-situ smart water monitoring sensors and manual observations.

Store and manage data on waterways

  • Calibrate data and source video and imagery from cameras, sensors and observations

  • Processes information to answer unique and common queries

  • Multiple views, scheduled checks, and output formats

  • Customised reporting function to generate smart reports to increase work flow

Track and manage water usage with Smart Water Meters

  • Data collected from smart water sensors stored and managed
  • View water consumption, plot it against other environmental data, and set up alarms to track high water usage
  • Interface for viewing data sensors supported by an open-source data platform for public viewing

Envirocoms Weather Services

The Envirocoms EDMS can pull this weather data and other observations to support the understanding of trend and pulse events in the environment.

Compare your data sets with historical or live Weather data

  • Since the early year 2000s, we have been archiving Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology and the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather conditions
  • Largest coastal observation library in Australia (integrated with IMOS)

  • Supports our Coastalwatch services, where we bring the coast to over 1.6million people every month

  • Deployed weather stations to seek localised, high performance information

Universities & Schools

Research and development is the heart of Envirocoms. We have a number of partnerships with universities to accelerate and pioneer cutting edge smart monitoring for complex and dynamic environments. We have also opened up our infrastructure for schools to access advanced solutions for environmental education, which supports the STEM disciplines.


  • Provides a unique interface for displaying and managing environmental data

  • Solutions for big data

  • Transmit data from remote locations

  • Communicates with CSIRO, TERN and ReDBox (Research Data Box) – specifically tailored to meet Research Data Services, Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Data Australian standards

  • Searchable and integratable with institutional repositories


  • Low-cost high performance environmental monitoring system for students in the STEM disciplines

  • Monitor the health and ecological characteristics of an eco-system

  • Allows information and technology students to embrace cloud-based data management, big-data applications and open source information

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