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Manage your project’s environmental data.

EnviroCOMS is an intuitive, value for money Environmental Data Management System (EDMS) developed by CoastalCOMS. It offers a secure and scalable web services platform for managing multiple sensor and environmental data projects.

EnviroCOMS System Features

Reports & Visual Dashboards

The solution offers real time data download and flexible reporting functionality. Our tools offer real-time data and video viewing dashboards. Dashboards and widgets can be customised to suit your application needs.

Scheduled Feed Ingestion

Weather feeds, model outputs, or other data that changes your response workflow can be integrated via our EDMS. We provide widget-based HTML display and web reporting in our asset manager, coupled to video and imagery.

External Sensor Integration

Data input devices can be seamlessly integrated via our data ingestors. We provide full web based toolsets for setting up locations, sensors, and data feeds.

Managed Local & Cloud Services

We’ve done the heavy lifting and can deploy our digital asset management alongside our CoastalCOMS virtual surveillance instances to keep costs low. If and when the time comes, we can ‘off-cloud’ your data and provide a mechanism for analysis onsite at your organisation (e.g. data centre).

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Easy to configure online toolsets.

The EnviroCOMS EDMS solution offers a clutter free interface, with easy to configure online toolsets, that provide users the power to create and assign spatial information to their data projects, such as individual, multiple or whole areas of observations and monitoring points. This is performed via our in-built Google mapping facility, which supports export to third party GIS solutions.

Image: Example of mapping feature

Fast customisation.

Administrators can quickly build customised electronic data collection project forms/schemas for manual data entry to suit business requirements, and distribute to staff, contractors and labs.

Temporal data is supported, and all data transaction times and dates are automatically logged within the EnviroCOMS EDMS.

Image: Example of electronic data collection form
Observation data and image files can be entered directly from your PC or smart devices. Images can be taken directly from a camera function, and include GPS location and elevation.

Record and collect in the field.

The EnviroCOMS EDMS enhanced tools provide users the added capability to not only record and collect any type of observation or lab data, but record imagery and the GPS location of observations taken from supported smart devices in the field, such as iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

Image: Electronic data collection report
Mangrove observation monitoring including recorded imagery.

Easily connect your sensor units & devices.

Automated remote field monitoring units and sensors can be easily added to your projects. Simply enter the URL of recommended data loggers, and EnviroCOMS will search the device and provide you with the available connected environmental sensor parameters for download.

Image: Customer reporting screen
Water quality data entering EnviroCOMS taken from a water Sonde connected to an automated remote data logger in the field.

The EnviroCOMS EDMS solution allows users to collect information from third party systems that publish data automatically via email. EnviroCOMS can aggregate these datasets into a centralised repository, saving you time and complexity when managing multiple vendor monitoring systems.

Customisable visual dashboards.

Customisable visual monitoring dashboards offer a view to your projects in a glance, providing the latest recorded data collection updates in one screen.

Users can drag and drop monitoring assets around the dashboard to suit individual preferences.

Image: Customisable monitoring dashboard.
This example screen shot includes the manual data collection observation with imagery, automated water sensor readings (with code amber alarm warning pH) and the latest weather information update.

Alerts, direct to your phone & email.

Alert and alarm functions constantly check data entering EnviroCOMS, and can be configured to SMS and email notify relevant personnel, as well as provide visual alerts to the dashboard of potential concerns, such as a spike in pH data collected from a water probe for example. System alarms can be set to the users preference.

Image: Example of dashboard alarm indication.

It is not uncommon for customers to have years of existing data they would like to upload into the EDMS. Bulk data upload facilities are built into EnviroCOMS to save time and provide data entry flexibility. We support most file types, such as, xls, csv etc.

Quality Assurance, Quality Control facilities are provided, and data entering the EDMS can be captured for review and approval prior to committing to the database.

We understand that weather can affect environmental project workflow, that’s why we have integrated free and high-resolution weather information from our extensive catalogue. Selected weather data are stored as part of the overall project data, providing you with the ability to report and trend weather events specific to your site.

  • The alert and alarm functions are supported in weather feeds, and users can create alarms to be notified of weather events, i.e. wind speed, wind direction and rainfall etc.

In order to create a secure and efficient data environment CoastalCOMS Pty Ltd has implemented a state of the art layer 2 Telecommunication private network through third party wholesale Telecommunication carriers (e.g. NBN, Telstra, Optus, Onthenet, Eftel and iiNet DSL tail services).

In creating the private layer 2 Telecommunication network, CoastalCOMS has the ability to allocate private IP and 3-4G SIM chips to securely centralise all image and data information in the EnviroCOMS EDMS.

Integrate cameras into your environmental projects from the field.

CoastalCOMS provides turnkey camera services. We support most camera manufacturers via our integrated third party Video management system.

Replay and snapshot imaging services.

Capture the progress of projects. Snapshot imagery provides a handy way to record the history of any project. Using our Snapshot imaging service we can provide minute, hourly, or daily snapshots of points of interest and monitoring points.

Timex Images

Replay and snapshot imaging services. Capture the progress of projects, snapshot imagery provides a handy way to record the history of any construction project. Using our snapshot imaging service we can provide hourly, minute or daily snapshots of the construction process, or monitoring points.

CoastalCOMS has created a true
end-to-end turnkey solution

Software and hosting services on the EnviroCOMS EDMS

Camera supply, installation and private hosting

Private weather services

Mobile device application development (iOS, Android & Windows)

Telecommunications network services & provisioning

Supply of field based solar data logger and interface solutions for environmental sensors

Advanced video analytics

  • Shoreline erosion monitoring
  • Water level detection
  • Species monitoring

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