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Envirocoms enables organisations to understand, manage and improve real-world environments by using data.

It enables collection, centralisation & management of all data from a wide range of environmental sensors and CCTV systems. Using data processing and machine learning algorithms it creates simple visualisations and actionable insights for managers. This process is proven to result in better decision making, save time, save money and produces positive results for the environment under management.

Envirocoms is the only platform capable of integrating CCTV video with data from IoT devices and other API data sources. The platform is owned and operated securely in Australia on a layer 2 private data network, and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows organisations to easy scale and to pay as they go.

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Customisable Online Toolsets

The Envirocoms platform offers a clutter free interface, with easy to configure online toolsets, that provide users the power to create and assign spatial information to their data projects.

Fast and easy to configure

  • Drag and drop monitoring assets around the dashboard
  • Individual, multiple or whole areas of observations and monitoring points

  • In-built Google mapping facility

  • Supports export to third party GIS solutions

  • Quickly build customised electronic data collection project forms/schemas
  • Temporal data is supported
  • Transaction times and dates are automatically logged

Easy Recording & Sensor Connectivity

Envirocoms make it easy to connect your various data sensors and loggers and collect and manage that data into a simple & consumable format.

Record and collect in the field

  • Record and collect any type of observation or lab data

  • Record imagery and the GPS location of observations taken from supported smart devices

Replay and snapshot imaging services

  • Minute, hourly, or daily snapshots of POI’s and monitoring points

  • Timex Images – visally record the history of any project

Easily connect your sensor units & devices

  • Automated remote field monitoring units

  • Connect available environmental sensor parameters

  • Most camera manufacturers supported via our integrated third party video management system

  • Upload existing data

Alerts, direct to your phone & email

Envirocoms has built-in alerts and notification functions that enable you to stay on top of your project. From managing your sensors uptimes, to setting trigger alerts based on your data parameter rules. EnviroCOMS saves you time and money.

Record and collect in the field

  • Record and collect any type of observation or lab data

  • Record imagery and the GPS location of observations taken from supported smart devices

Envirocoms API Access

The EnviroCOMS platform provides the following access options.

Envirocoms API

The Envirocoms API provides a comprehensive set of endpoints to manage your projects and datasets. This API is available as an option with all Envirocoms projects and allows configurable user roles and permissions.

Use Cases

  • Data ingestion

  • Data export

  • Software integrations

Addon APIs

EnviroCOMS Addon APIs allow for a much deeper integration with the Envirocoms platform. These APIs are typically developed in tandem with customer specific addons for projects with complex requirements.

Use Cases

  • Custom dashboards

  • Mobile apps (custom workflows, rules, validation)

Static Data Feed API

Static data feeds provide for a fast and authentication free way to export and consume data from the Envirocoms platform. These can be configured by request to expose one or more datasets as a static JSON file and are regenerated periodically.

Use Cases

  • Simple data feeds

  • Website widgets (read only)

  • Mobile apps (read only)

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